Pricing Guidelines! 
Remember to take into consideration age of item and uniqueness.  If you have a unique item, Boutique item or new with tags- you may be able to get more for your item.  Just remember to price to sell!

We have found that pricing most items 1/3 of what you paid for it, works well if it is gently used with no sign of wear and tear! If slight signs of wear and tear, you should do 1/4 of what you paid or less.  If it is new with tags, you can get closer to 1/2 of retail.  Should you not remember what you paid, you can use tools like Ebay to find out what items are selling for. We also suggest that on larger ticket items that you put what you paid for the item on the tag. This will help it sell! 

We encourage you to participate in the 50% off Day as lots of things sell on that day.  You can mark some or all of your items 50% off.   You choose which items to mark 1/2 off.  

We can not change the tags on Sunday so PLEASE consider checking the DISCOUNT button when you enter your items.  They will only be sold at 50% off if they did not sell on Thursday, Friday or Saturday at full price. (a RED/BLACK DOT will appear when you print your tags to denote 1/2 price on SUNDAY only as well as it is embedded in the barcode.)  

You, the consignor, still make the same commission split on the sold price on Sunday. We do not pull anything off the floor on 50% off day.  Items not marked with a RED DOT (black dot if you don't have a color printer) will be sold at full price on Sunday.
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