• You set your own prices!  You know the value of your items and what you would like to receive for them.  You name your price and if you want to participate in our 50% off Sale held on Sunday.  (you can choose some, all or just a few to make 50% off on Sunday). 

  • Super Easy!  Consignors with She-Cycle Mart price, hang, and tag their items using our super easy on-line software system.  Easier and faster than hand-writing your tags!  Then they bring them to the sale location during drop off hours the Tuesday or Wednesday before the sale starts. You DO NOT need to be at the sale to consign with us!  We do the rest - we handle the location, advertising, publicity, the display and clean-up!  You just sit back and wait for your check to arrive within the week!  

As a Consignor you will receive UP TO 100% of the selling price of your items.  Commission starts at 55% and you earn extra commission for referring consignors to us and/or volunteering during the sale!  A $9 (early bird) or $11 non-refundable participation fee is paid upon registration. Volunteers also receive a pre-sale pass for each shift worked to be the first to shop the sale and get $9 of registration fee (after 2 shifts) credited in their commission check.  Click here for volunteer information  Consignors and Volunteers get in FREE to the event all days!

She-Cycle Mart features new and gently used clothing for woman, misses and plus sizes as well as accessories like hats, coats, scarves, shoes and handbags.  We do not accept items with stains, tears, excess wear, broken zippers, missing parts, etc.  We WILL be inspecting each items that comes in for sale, so please only bring items you would consider purchasing yourself.  THIS IS NOT A YARD SALE.  Please do not be offended if we do not accept some of your items.  This enables us to maintain high quality sales and allows you, the consignor, to know that your items will offer only the best to our customers. 

Steps to being a Consignor...

1.  REGISTER online to receive your CONSIGNOR NUMBER. 
If you have not consigned with us before, you will follow a 3-part process.  
  • Set up a user account
  • Activate your account
  • Register for a sale(s).  
This process is very simple and will help you to create your tags quickly and easily on your very own computer and printer!!  Our consignors LOVE this system. It takes 50% less time than writing your tags!  It also allows you to view your sales each night and get your check quickly after the end of the sale.  Click here set up an account. 

****If you've participated in our previous sales or another sale that uses myconsignmentmananger.com, you can skip to No. 2. (you will be able to use the same consignor number AND if you desire TRANSFER all previously unsold tagged items without re-printing your tags!)   If you are already signed up for Wee-cycle Mart, you get FREE registration. Follow the instructions on the Registration Page. 


Register online to receive your consignor number. (Scroll down on page to where it says REGISTER HERE.) From here you will create your consignor number and will be asked to pay the non-refundable registration fee* (*refunded only when you volunteer 2 shifts with us) otherwise registration fee is NOT refundable or transferable should you not consign with us for ANY reason). Consignor number consist of the first letter of your last name + the last 4-digits of your phone number.  If you've consigned with us before, your consignor number will automatically be the same for each sale, but you will need to register and pay for each sale location separately. 

If you are participating in both the Wee-cycle Mart and the She-cycle Mart at the SAME location, you MUST volunteer at least 2 shifts (one in each store) Your commission will be SPLIT between the 2 sales. ​However, if you do 4 four hour shifts, you will receive 70% at BOTH sales and $9 of fee refunded. (otherwise, the fee will not be refunded as you already received the 2nd sale registration for free). You will automatically receive 60% commission at BOTH sales due to the 2 shift requirement. If you do 3 shifts, you get 65% commission at BOTH sales, you do 4 shifts, you get 70% commission at BOTh sales and $9 of registration fee back. 

3. READ What to Sell before proceeding.  

4.  GATHER and PREPARE your items for the sale.   Please read Preparing and Tagging  before moving on to No. 5.

5.  TAG items - all tags MUST be printed through your user account with myconsignmentmanager.com.  You no longer need a PRINT CODE as long as you enter the software through OUR website! You can log into your account here.  Tags must be printed on white cardstock only, NO copy paper allowed.  PLEASE take a moment to refer to Preparing and Tagging for instructions and more info.  Any item without a tag CAN NOT be sold.   

6.  DROP OFF items

All items MUST be on plastic hangers at time of drop off. Hang all clothing on hangers with the hook opening to the left (like a question mark).  Please have clothes sorted by size and gender.  Please allow approximately 30-45 minutes for drop off as we will be screening items to ensure quality.  YOU will also need to take your items to the correct area and hang up. Drop off will go fast if items are hung correctly and sorted by size.  All consignors will be required to sign the Consignor Agreement at Drop-Off.  

Drop off for sales are the Tues. 2pm-8pm, Wed. 10am-8pm prior to the sale dates. PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE NO THURSDAY DROP-OFFS. You MUST sign up for your time on-line after you register.  If you have 500+ items, YOU MUST DROP OFF ANYTIME ON TUESDAY OR WED FROM 10-5PM. You may sign up for 2 drop-offs.


We CANNOT store your items after the sale.  If you would like your unsold items returned, you MUST pick them up at the designated pick up time.  Any items that have not been picked up after the designated times become the property of She-Cycle Mart and may be donated.  Sorry, there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this as we must be out of the facility and cannot store your items.   *****If you choose to pick-up, you can transfer your unsold items to our next sale ( then you can adjust price and/or mark 50% off and re-print tags. Or just bring them back with same tags and try again! ) Remember you must register and pay for each sale before you can transfer your items.  PICK Up for all locations is SUNDAY from 3-5pm. 


All checks will be mailed within 14 days of the close of the sale.  All checks that have not been deposited after 60 days will be voided and consignors forfeits these funds.  Should you misplace your check prior to the 60 days and wish us to send you a new one you must contact us by email before the 60 days is up to request a replacement check. Then you have 2 options: if you want an immediate recut there is a $25 stop payment fee + $5 processing fee (taken out of check) or we can cut a replacement check around the 65th day and mail to the address on file for a $5 processing fee (taken out of check).  All checks will be mailed to the address on file with www.myconsignmentmanager.com account. She-cycle Mart is not responsible should your address on file not be correct.
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Earn up to 100% commission!
  • Clean Out & Cash In! Clean out your closets, and turn your never long worn clothing and accessories into cash! Earn more money than selling at a yard sale or consignment shop and sell your items more quickly.  Earn the highest commission split in consignment with us!!!

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